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Bronze Package
2 costume changes
7 digital edits
Viewable Digital Album
Add Hair and Makeup $129

Silver Package
3 costume changes
12 digital edits
Viewable Digital Album
Add Hair and Makeup $129

Gold Package
4 costume changes
17 digital edits
Viewable Digital Album
Add Hair and Makeup $129

Diamond Package
4 costume changes
20 digital edits
Downloadable Digital Album
Large Canvas
Add Hair and Makeup $129

My Name is Samantha Renee

I am the owner and Photographer of Arouse Boudoir. As a photographer, I enjoy the smiles and emotions I experience through the lens, but even more, I love the the way my art helps others grow, thrive, and live a wonderful life.

I have been a Photographer for nearly 10 years, as well as a licensed Cosmetologist for over 20 years.

I started in this profession as a model, and soon after began providing hair and makeup services for photographers in Kansas City MO. By trading my Cosmetology services with experienced photographers in the area I was able to grow my business and learn from many experienced Photographers.

I moved to Oklahoma City, OK in 2012, and built a thriving photography business. I photographed in many settings with diverse clients, but found the Boudoir-style as my favorite niche. I absolutely love making women feel beautiful, and helping couples create lasting images to enjoy together.

In 2019 several magazines published my photographic efforts, and I have been contracted by clothing brands, stores and businesses to support advertising and marketing efforts for apparel, resorts, clubs, bars, and more.

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